What is proper food combining?

When I became vegan, I didn’t care about the food combining at all. I ate a lot of tofu with rice that caused more acne on my face. If you want to have a better digestion, nice skin, hair, and nails, you need to pay attention to the right food pairing.

There are hundreds of food combining charts online, but this one I found the most comprehensible and helpful.


The chart is from fengshuidana.com.

As you can see eating protein with starches is the worst thing you can do.

,,Protein: In the stomach a concentrated protein requires an acidic environment to be broken down, an environment that includes hydrochloric acid and an enzyme called pepsin.

Starch: The breakdown of starch starts with enzyme called ptyalin, which can efficiently act only in an alkaline medium.

Since the food is not breaking down naturally, our stomach has to secrete more digestive juices to try to break down the food, but because there are still opposing digestive enzymes at work, they are neutralized again an again. The digestion of the carbohydrates is interfered with by the presence of the acidic digestive juices, and at the same time the proteins are prevented from digesting properly or completely in the presence of the alkaline digestive juices.”

– Kimberly Snyder: The Beauty Detox Solution

Well yes, eating the popular foods like eggs with toast, turkey sandwiches, sushi rolls, pesto pasta is bad food combining.

Don’t torture yourself if you eat sometimes some protein with starches, but try to avoid it as much as you can.

Fruits should be consumed on their own. I noticed when I ate a lot of porridge with fruits, it really affected my skin and my digestion.

Eat a lot of greens with your food. Raw food has a lot of enzymes, which help to digest the food easier. So if you eat cooked foods, it’s good to eat it with some greens on the side. Plus greens have a lot of minerals and vitamins.

This chart shows you quite good how you should combine your food, but my food combining is still not perfect. It doesn’t have to be all the time.

There are a few other considerations:

  • Avocados are technically a fruit but also combine well with starches. They also combine well with bananas and dried fruit. No nuts and seeds though!
  • Bananas are also an exception because they have less water content, it takes a little bit more time to digest them (than other fruits) so they combine well with other fresh fruits, dried fruits, and nuts & seeds.
  • Nut butters contain more fat than protein, that’s why they are in the fat category, but just like beans/legumes, I don’t suggest eating them with starches or with nuts either. Or just pair them moderately. The best to be eaten with vegetables or dried fruits to make a healthy snack.
  • Condiments/Sweeteners for the most part can be considered “neutral” since they’re usually used in such small amounts (i.e. mustard, salsa, tamari, raw honey), but concentrated fats like oils  generally combine better with vegetables and starches, rather than proteins.
  • Beans and legumes combine best with vegetables but can also be combined with the starch category. Legumes and beans contain more starch than protein which is why they combine better with starches, although they do have enough protein to make them a food combining challenge. So keep that in mind and if you experience problems with digestion, pair them moderately.

Try to eat according to this chart 80-90% of the time, and I can assure you will feel a big difference in your digestion, your energy level, your hair, and skin.


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